Provide information and guidance to practice in Meditation and Mindfulness.
Provide advice on Eco-tourism development, leading to sustainable development.

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Life is a journey. Life is learning. Amidst the journey, we learn everything around us. Has absorbed the meaning. We adjust our worldview and life. To develop the wisdom. To live in this World happily in all dimensions.

The past has passed. Can't fix anything.

The future has not yet arrived.

Don't worry. Now is the truth that is being faced.

Make the best Happy with the present.

This is the value of the meaning of life.

Staying wisely.

Life is learning
to gain access to Dharma.

Dharma is Nature

Dharma is Law of Nature

Dharma is the Law of Karma

Law of Karma is the cause and effect

Dharma is the action or cause.
Dharma is the effect or result.
Dharma is the action to bring the results appear.

The truth must be accepted.

All things are related.

All things are subject to change which depended on factors and conditions.

Humans are just one part of nature.

The only thing that humans can do is learn to understand nature and the laws of nature.

Human beings use their knowledge of nature and the laws of nature to serve humanity and the natural environment.

Actually, under the limited conditions of acceptability.

Acceptance of life (physical and mental)

Socially acceptable

Natural acceptance

Mind in meditation is qualified.

It has the strength, energy, calmness, refreshment, and ready to serve in other areas,

especially as the basis of intellectual development.

A person who knows how to use both external and internal objects of mind as a practice exercise for mental development. It is practiced in the midst of the truth that appears at that moment. This is a continuous and ongoing mental development, both in meditation and wisdom. The result is happiness in every dimension of life itself.

The lecture for practicing in the topic.

"Meditation for the Power of Life"
On Thursday October 29, 2020 at 17.00 - 18.30 hrs.
Dharma Centre, Chulalongkorn University


Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to Thailand

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