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It was built to commemorate the father and mother. And mother was the first dharma teacher. So the name of Buddhist Retreat Center is the name of my mother, "Sa-Aad Jitt".

To use as a place for study, practice, training and lecture of  Buddhism.

Dr. Birasak Worasuntharosos

The process of creating and developing of the Dharma Center

Sa-Aad-Jitt Buddhist Retreat Center

July 02, 2015

From that day until today, meaning sacrifice, perseverance with determination to achieve the ambition of the Dharma for peace and quietness until reaching the Nirvana…..Click


The history of the Dharma Center

Sa-Aad-Jitt Buddhist Retreat Center

November 30, 2016

Dr. Birasak Worasuntharosos has mentioned the history of the Dharma Center, which is a return to the grace of his mother.....Click


Anandabodhi tree

Sa-Aad-Jitt Buddhist Retreat Center

November 04, 2017

Dr. Birasak Worasuntharosos has mentioned the history of the Anandabodhi tree and donated this holy Bodhi tree from Sa-Aad-Jitt Buddhist Retreat Center to Somdej Ong Pathom Buddha Park at Laokhwan district in Kanchanaburi province.

The Anandabodhi tree is other holy Bodhi trees which have a great significance in the history of Buddhism at Sravasti in Jetavana monastery.....Click


Merit ceremony

Sa-Aad-Jitt Buddhist Retreat Center

March 03, 2019

Merit ceremony on Sunday 3 March 2019 at 09.00 hrs. at Sa-Aad-Jitt Buddhist Retreat Center to create a new bathroom for Phuritatta Dharma Practice Center, Duk Uung Subdistrict, Nong E District, Roi Et Province By Khun Mae Chantha Ruekyam.....Click

Sa-Aad-Jitt Buddhist Retreat Center by

Dr. Birasak Worasuntharosos invited people to attend the lecture. "Buddhist Science" and the Dharma talk with

Pra Dr.Rungruang Prapasaro.

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, at 10.00 am.

The Convergence of Buddhism and Science

by Pra Dr.Rungruang Prapasaro

Before the time of the Lord Buddha, when human beings experienced various phenomena that could not be explained.

It is believed that all phenomena arise from the inspiration of the sacred. As we call it, some ghosts, angels and gods.

The Lord Buddha enlightened the fact that all the phenomena occurring in nature are based on the factors that exist in nature and calls this principle "The Dependent Origination" which is the rule of nature.

It is a study of nature by considering factors in principle in fact, in the same way as scientific principles. So it can be said. "Buddhist Science" is the first in the world with the enlightenment of the Lord Buddha himself.

Iddhipada 4

(Four Successful Paths)

Lecture on the topic "Iddhipada 4 (Four Successful Paths)"

by Phra Arjarn Along-Kod Tikkapanyo

at Sa-Aad-Jitt Buddhist Retreat Center

on May 23, 2017

Lecture on the topic "The Benefits of Meditation"

by Dr. Birasak Worasuntharosos

at Wat Ratchaphatikaram Worawihan on May 5, 2018

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