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Sa-Aad-Jitt Buddhist Retreat Center

Learning and practice Meditation must be available in many aspects. In addition to the desire to behave themselves. There is one other factor that is relevant to the place where it is necessary for the beginner to learn and to practice. Things to consider about the place is.

1) There is a teacher or instructor who has the right attitude as a mentor, who guided the right way to develop the mind in meditation for wisdom.

2) The natural environment is conducive to relaxation, tranquility,
supportive to mental development. And there is enough safety in life and property.

3) The accommodation is suitable that is not too difficult to stay. Proper manage both in basic infrastructure and food.

4) Rules and regulations are necessary because they are related to people from different backgrounds.

5) Others that may be more appropriate to the group of people who come to study meditation.

Somdej Ong Pathom Buddha Park

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