Memorial to the Lord Buddha

Creatures, we are friends that are in the flow of suffering as well.... Birth, Old, Sick and Dead...all together.

Please be happy.....Be happy.....

Stay safe and do not hurt each other.

Do not be vindictive.

Do not molest on each other.

Do not be physically distressed and sorrowful.

Please have physical pleasure and delight.

Keep yourself from distress.

Creatures in distress. Wish you happy.

Creatures have been happy. Let's have more happiness.

All creatures, please come to receive merit.

Let's get the merit and develop ourselves to progress in the Dharma... peace and prosperity until reaching the Ultimate Truth.


Dharma, person, ceremony and objects are all related.


The knowledgeable person knows how to use the benefits of this relationship to help develop the thriving in the Dharma. So, it is said that known to take advantage the Dharma both in concrete and abstract.

Karma is intention, when the intent is composed of the wisdom of the mind. So that know how to use the moral and abstract for the benefits to the development of charity karma leads to results Nirvana.

There is a difference of person in the viewpoints, in the precepts, meditation, and wisdom which some rough, some fine, some have few, some have many which are classified according to the way that the accumulation of practice. This is nature. This is it. This is not another.

It is a combination of people who have faith in Buddhism, with the intention to create a large 28 Buddha images, with Lt. Col. Surapon Visasmongkolchai is the leader of the creation. In the picture is the prototype of a 5-meter width of lap of Buddha Image, which will be the beginning of the 18th large Buddha Image. To promote faith in Buddhism. In particular, worship and Memorial to the Lord Buddha.

Creating throne that the Buddha sit when he became enlightened

With the faith of the Buddhists have created.

December 07, 2016

To create and install knot of hair on the Buddha image's head

It is a practice in the midst of the real life

February 11, 2017

Spray paint the Buddha Image

There are techniques in both color mixing and spraying.

January 17, 2016

Making a flame-like halo

To make molding, needs time with intention and patience

January 21, 2016

The rite of opening the eyes of Buddha Image

Offering clothe to Buddha Image, offering food to monks and release turtles, fish and frogs for free.

January 30, 2016

Offering jewel to Buddha Image by adorned between eyebrows

This is a tradition of Buddhist philanthropy.

July 08, 2016

The rite of lifting up the flame-like halo

It is enshrined at the head of the Buddha Image

July 18, 2016

Finally, the creation of the Buddha image was accomplished

With faith brought to the power of unity. The power of merit to bring a prosperous life in the Dharma.

May 05, 2017

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Somdej ong Pathom Buddha Park

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They are group of people who intend to create 28 large Buddha Images

Buddha Image Creator

See their creation >

To create and develop the Dharma Center for mind retreatment by a group of people who intend to create the 28 large Buddha Images. The name of the place is "Somdej Ong Pathom Buddha Park"

Dr. Birasak Worasuntharosos has mentioned the history of the Anandabodhi tree and donated this holy Bodhi tree from Sa-Aad-Jitt Buddhist Retreat Center to Somdej Ong Pathom Buddha Park at Laokhwan district in Kanchanaburi province.

The Anandabodhi tree is other holy Bodhi trees which have a great significance in the history of Buddhism at Sravasti in Jetavana monastery.

The plantation ceremony of Anandabodhi tree which is donated by Dr. Birasak Worasuntharosos