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Memorial to the Lord Buddha

Creatures, we are friends that are in the flow of suffering as well.... Birth, Old, Sick and Dead...all together.

Please be happy.....Be happy.....

Stay safe and do not hurt each other.

Do not be vindictive.

Do not molest on each other.

Do not be physically distressed and sorrowful.

Please have physical pleasure and delight.

Keep yourself from distress.

Creatures in distress. Wish you happy.

Creatures have been happy. Let's have more happiness.

All creatures, please come to receive merit.

Let's get the merit and develop ourselves to progress in the Dharma... peace and prosperity until reaching the Ultimate Truth.

It is a combination of people who have faith in Buddhism, with the intention to create a large 28 Buddha images, with Lt. Col. Surapon Visasmongkolchai is the leader of the creation. In the picture is the prototype of a 5-meter width of lap of Buddha Image, which will be the beginning of the 18th large Buddha Image. To promote faith in Buddhism. In particular, worship and Memorial to the Lord Buddha.

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