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Meditation for the Power of Life

Mindfulness Consciousness Concentration Wisdom

“Meditation for the Power of Life” is a topic used for lectures at the Dharma Centre, the Office of Arts and Culture Administration, Chulalongkorn University for approximately 10 years, it is considered an experience that has enabled continuous improvement in presentations both in content and narrative style in the midst of interaction and exchange with various audiences.

Mental concentration is the same as well. It is like a device that gives us knowledge and understanding of our physical life. Seeing the existence of one's own mind, greedy mind, angry mind, vengeful mind, joyful mind, happy mind, cheerful mind. The mind is calm with merciful, etc., is because of the power of the mind and is the foundation of wisdom itself.

The metaphor is like water. If we bring water from rivers and canals, it is muddy, we cannot see anything. But if we stirring the water, such as using alum to swing, it will cause various sediments to gradually fall to the bottom and will form a transparent part at the top of the water. This is where the mind meditation has arisen. That can see clearly, free from distractions or without any obstacles that hinder the development of the mind.

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