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Around Thailand

Enjoy travelling with my friends

Thailand has a unique historical and cultural identity. There are local philosophers and local wisdom throughout the land.Thailand has biodiversity and natural and community attractions spread throughout the country.There are a variety of festivals, traditions, and the kindness of the Thai people who welcome tourists from all over the world.

Wat Pha Tak Suer, Nong Khai

November 23, 2018

Wat Pa Tak Suer is a temple that has a beautiful view. Inside the temple, there is also a beautiful atmosphere. The visitors can walk along to see the nature and the view. This temple is located on the peak of the cliff which gives the view of the whole city downstairs, which is Sangkom District and the Laos country with Mekong River as the border. If the tourists come here during winter, it is a nice view point of the sea fog and it is also a suitable place for Dhamma practice since it is very peaceful.

Chedi Museum of Phra Ratch Nirodha Rangsri, Nong Khai

November 24, 2018

Chedi Museum of Phra Ratch Nirodha Rangsri is a large pagoda when walking across the threshold into the interior, the lights inside the pagoda will light up automatically and along with the sound of Dharma of Luang Pu Thesk. Most visitors often worship bronze statues and relics of Luang Pu Thesk that enshrined in the middle of the hall first and then walked to see the exhibits in the pagoda hall which is a wide octagonal hall. The interior walls are lined with granite and pierced the glass in the interior of Luang Pu Thesk's display which is divided into 4 categories: 1) Daily use items such as glasses, pen, wooden scratching back, magnifying glass 2) General things such as robe, satchel, alms-bowl, pillows, pot and toothbrushes 3) Talipot fan, stick, umbrella 4) books of Luang Pu Thesk both Thai and English


Phra Sudhamma Chedi, Nong Khai

November 24, 2018

Is both a museum and a pagoda containing relics constructed by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand for the offering of Luang Pu Riean Woralapoh, a master of Insight Meditation or Vipassana. At present, he has passed away on June 5, 2548 B.E. Within this temple area is a shady atmosphere and surrounded by a collection of beautiful artistic and cultural traditions, including the monument of Luang Pu Riean Woralapoh, which is a quadrangle mondop. All directions are made of clear glass, which, if standing outside, can be clearly seen in the mandapa, which can be seen as Luang Pu in the standing posture.

Wat Had Pathum, Nong Khai

November 24, 2018

"Wat Had Pathum", built in 2106 B.E. (454 years), was originally called "Wat Had Prachum". Because the villagers built the temple on the beach which is the meeting of the King of Vientiane and civil servants, noblemen, about the development of the city to prosper. Villagers therefore called "Wat Had Prachum" when building a temple. Later, the name of the temple was changed to "Wat Had Pathum". Received Royal Highness for to be official temple in 2315 B.E. The antique that was registered on April 19, 2534 B.E. was 1 item, namely, the Reclining Buddha image, terracotta art, Lan Chang art, 23-24 Buddhist Century, 42.5 centimeter long.

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