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Around Thailand

Enjoy travelling with my friends

Thailand has a unique historical and cultural identity. There are local philosophers and local wisdom throughout the land.Thailand has biodiversity and natural and community attractions spread throughout the country.There are a variety of festivals, traditions, and the kindness of the Thai people who welcome tourists from all over the world.

Wat Kiriwong, Nakhon Sawan

April 15, 2016

Wat Kiriwong. Muang District, Nakhon Sawan Province.  Wat Kiriwong is located on the Dao-Wa-Dung hill in Muang District, Nakhon Sawan Province. It has a sacred golden pagoda – Prajulamanee pagoda. On the fourth floor of pagoda, you will see the awesome scenery of Nakhon Sawan province 10 kilometers around. When you see eastward, there are Kao Gob, Boraped pond and Pak Nam Pho market. There are many beautiful mountains fascinated you.    Prajulamanee pagoda is the huge pagoda located on the top of hill. There are four floors inside. The first floor is for worshiping the Buddha. The second floor has statues of famous monks, the Buddha’s footprints and amulet for sale also. On the third floor, there are important Buddha image in Thailand such as the emerald Buddha. A zone for making merit is on this floor too. On the highest floor, there are stunning wall paintings about the life of Buddha.

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