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Around Thailand

Enjoy travelling with my friends

Thailand has a unique historical and cultural identity. There are local philosophers and local wisdom throughout the land.Thailand has biodiversity and natural and community attractions spread throughout the country.There are a variety of festivals, traditions, and the kindness of the Thai people who welcome tourists from all over the world.

The National Maritime Museum, Chanthaburi

January 24, 2017

Tour 3 days (January 24 - 26, 2017) 3 provinces (Chanthaburi - Trat - Koh Kong) 2 countries (Thailand - Cambodia) Part 1 : Tuesday, January 24, 2017. Route is The National Maritime Museum, Gem and Jewelry Promotion Center, Chanthaburi, KAYS ESPRESSO BAR, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Chanthaburi, Chantaburi and Chanthaboon Waterfront Learning Community Center and Sea Shell Village Resort.


Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Chanthaburi

January 24, 2017

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Chanthaburi: Roman Catholic Church St. Mary's Cathedral, Mary Immaculate Conception The church has a history of 300 years. The first was built in 1711 on the western side of the Chanthaburi River. By Father Totoltino and the Catholics of the people of Vietnam until 1834, has moved to build on the east side of Chantaburi River, which is the current location. The cause of the move was not recorded, and in 1903 the church was built to a size larger than the old one to accommodate the growing Christian population.


Noen Nang Phaya, Chanthaburi

April 11, 2017

Travel Route of "Kaew Tour" start at Arun Rung Restaurant, Khao Din Sub-District, Bangpakong District, Chachoengsao Province, Chalerm Burapa Chonlathit Road, the beautiful seaview of Chanthaburi, PEGGY'S COVE RESORT, the view point "Noen Nang Phaya" is the highlight of Chalerm Burapa Chonlathit Road, Taksin Maharatch bridge, Ta Ma Jun Hotel at Chanthaburi, Thailand.


Durian at Khlung District, Chanthaburi

April 13, 2017

Taste durian, "Puangmanee" Breed at Durian Collection center, Khlung District, Chanthaburi Province.


Chicken dung cell (Kuk Khi Kai), Chanthaburi

April 13, 2017

Tuek Daeng : Red Building is a French building built in 1893 in the area of enemy destroyers. By removing the brick from the fort. To use this building as a guard and military accommodation at the estuary of Laem Sing. At that time, France was influenced by the occupation of Cambodia and Cambodia. Chicken dung cell (Kuk Khi Kai) : This historical site was built in 1893 during the dispute between Thailand and France. And the French army built a chicken dung prison to imprison Thais who oppose the power. The building is a rectangular square with 4.40 meters in width and 7 meters in height.


Sea Farming Demonstration Unit in Kungkrabaen Bay, Chanthaburi

June 11, 2018

It is a research and educational organization that promotes the development of coastal marine animals. There are different species of marine animals that on rehabilitation program for returning to the sea shore, such as breeding crabs, etc. by the Crab Bank Projects with the community.


Wat Chak Yai Buddhist Park, Chanthaburi

June 11, 2018

Today we take you to visit Wat Chak Yai Buddhist Park. Here is a Buddhist Park with beautiful Buddhist art. There are Reclining Buddha Image, Buddha Sheltered by Naga Hood Statue and Magha Puja Day Statue. It is a place where Buddhist companies come to practice meditation and perform Buddhist ceremonies.


Wat Mangkon Buppharam, Chanthaburi

June 11, 2018

Wat Mangkon Buppharam, or Leng Hua Yi, is a temple in Chinese architectural style. It’s the brother of famous Wat Mangkon Kammalawat in Bangkok which is highly revered by Thai-Chinese communities. Inside displays lots of giant Chinese god where people always pay a visit here for good prosperities in their life.


Kung Krabaen Bay Aquarium, Chanthaburi

June 11, 2018

The Sixth Cycle Birthday Anniversary Celebration Aquarium (Kung Krabaen Bay Aquarium : KKB Aquarium). Of all the fish were collected for the aquarium, 80% were collected from the Eastern part of Thailand. Within the aquarium fish are divided into 4 groups, commercial fish, ornamental fish, coral reef fish and exotic fish.


Taksin Maharaj Bridge, Chanthaburi

June 11, 2018

Taksin Maharaj Bridge or Laem Sing Bridge is the longest bridge in the Eastern part of Thailand. It is a beautiful viewpoint on the bridge with beautiful views of the mouth of the Chanthaburi River, a bridge between Bang Ka Chai Subdistrict and Pak Nam Laem Sing Subdistrict. This bridge was built in 2007 with a length of about 1,060 meters across the mouth of the Chanthaburi River. The river is the main blood vessels of Chanthaburi. In addition, the bridge will make the trip more convenient to connect the area of the river mouth of the two subdistricts, and also a beautiful view. People often come to visit and take a lot of pictures.


Chedi Klang Nam Viewpoint, Chanthaburi

June 11, 2018

Tourists can walk to see the beautiful view on a wooden bridge stretching in the sea with a distance of about 50 meters. The bridge was built from the faith of the villagers for walking to worship "Chedi Baan Hua Laem" (but wooden bridge is not long to reach Chedi. You can walk only when the level of water is downed). Here is the most beautiful view on the rocks in the sea. We can come to pay homage to the more than 200 years pagoda for prosperity and enjoy the beautiful scenery with watching the fisherman's way of life closely.


Wat Pa Klong Kung, Chanthaburi

November 04, 2018

Phra Sutthi Dharma Rangsri Khampee Methajarn, or Than Por Lee Dharmatharo, had pilgrimages from Isan which together with one monk and one novice to the city of Chanthaburi on February 22, 2478 B.E. and stay at the public cemetery named "Ban Klong Kung". Than Por Lee Dharmatharo taught Dhamma and meditation practice by the introduction of Khun Amnaj Amnuaykij and people to worship together with welcome to stay here. Wat Pa Klong Kung has started since then which located in the municipality, Tha Chalap Road, Tambon Talad, Amphoe Mueang, Chanthaburi. And granted to be official temple in 2501 B.E., covering an estimated area of 22 rai.


Buddha's footprint at Khao Khitchakut, Chanthaburi

February 09, 2019

Khao Khitchakut National Park covers a rich, verdant forestland of some 58 square kilometers where many herbal plants and wildlife are found. On the top hill, there also Khitchakut Temple where people will flock there every year during February to April to worship the giant rocks on the summit where there is a trace of Buddha's footprint which believe will bring them prosperities.

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