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Around Thailand

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Thailand has a unique historical and cultural identity. There are local philosophers and local wisdom throughout the land.Thailand has biodiversity and natural and community attractions spread throughout the country.There are a variety of festivals, traditions, and the kindness of the Thai people who welcome tourists from all over the world.

100-Year-Old Baan Mai Floating Market, Chachoengsao

December 10, 2016

The market is located on Suphakij Road, along Bang Pakong River, Muang District. It is 100-year-old market which is the ancient community that the unique traditional lifestyle is preserved; the charming old-style houses constructed in King Rama VI reign. It is the location of a period drama filming reflecting Chinese community such as Yuu Kub Kong, Nang Nak, and Chao Sua Siam. Varieties shops and restaurants, traditional coffee shops, and souvenirs are available. The houses at 100-year-market are the two-story row houses built next to each other, which was the prominent style since King Rama VI period. Moreover, many types of delicious food and desserts are available.

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